Education serves many purposes in human life. It provides the young with the things they need to develop and maintain order in society. Besides developing cognitive skills and critical thinking, education builds character among its recipients. Our society is looking for educators who develop scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of enquiry and reform in young minds.

In a dynamic world, knowledge is an essential resource. We understand the importance of books and the library as a repository of knowledge, as those who read, lead. We encourage our students and the staff to develop their library. We promote reading not only as an actor but as a habit.

Technological advancement has changed the way we learn and disseminate knowledge. We prefer using IT to develop, propagate and store knowledge. Technology has enabled us to collaborate with the world. We encourage using IT for reaching a large audience on the one hand, and as a repository of knowledge on the other. We, at DIET, Mathura are committed to developing a learning environment in which graduates inculcate the aptitude that would help them to inspire the young minds to thirst for knowledge.

Knowledge, culture, and adherence to discipline help a person to pursue the path of Truth, Dharma and Justice. We follow this mantra to attain our objectives.

I Welcome You To DIET, Mathura.

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Prashant Varshney and Vikash Yadav